Master in Blockchain Technologies and Smart Contracts

The rise of cryptocurrencies in recent times has given special prominence to the technology they use: Blockchain. The first use of Blockchain technology was as the basis of the operation of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. This technology enables reliable time stamping and linking to a previous block and has become popular because it is particularly suitable for storing data in a time-ordered and expansive manner while making it immutable i.e. the stored data may not be changed or modified. This approach has different aspects such as data storage (achieved through the replication of Blockchain information), data transmission (achieved through peer-to-peer networks) and data confirmation (achieved through consensus algorithms between participating nodes).

Students who complete this lifelong learning master's degree will have a career profile that is currently in high demand due to the emergence of the Blockchain concept and the associated technological paradigm. Students will be able to learn about the technologies and computational models used in the framework of smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technologies, etc.


from 2 May to
16 September 2024

from 1 to 31
October 2024

from October 2024
to June 2025

More Information:

Start date 01/10/2024
End date 30/06/2025
Duration 1500 hours
Aimed at Professionals and entrepreneurs
Modality Online

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