The importance of Blockchain Use and Cybersecurity Awareness

Currently, a large percentage of global monetary resources are deployed in digital support in the form of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, whose security is based on Blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Thus, it is of paramount importance to provide advanced capabilities to ensure the security of these resources to all actors involved in the corresponding business, regulatory, technical, educational, professional, scientific and innovation transfer ecosystem.

To this end, the renowned Research Group BISITE of the University of Salamanca (USAL), in collaboration with INCIBE – the Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute, and 8 foreign universities of prestige in various related areas and with Ibero-Asian outreach, proposes the CyberChain International Chair. This Chair has a duration of three years and aims to promote training and dissemination, as well as improve training programmes and attract and retain talent in relation to different Blockchain-related technologies for enhanced cybersecurity.

CyberChain promotes activities designated to enhance, improve, and increase the scope of existing training programmes. Moreover, it fosters the creation of new initiatives for communication, training, and dissemination at all levels with regard to cutting-edge distributed ledgers and next-generation Blockchain technologies applied to improve cybersecurity in all types of computational and cyber-physical systems. To work on this cutting-edge training, CyberChain will be developed, a permissioned distributed ledger platform, which will enable the execution of smart contracts in a secure and scalable environment, with applications in various areas such as cybersecurity, supply chain management, e-voting, etc. and the creation of an international community of experts. The chair will bring together researchers, professionals, and companies from all over the world to share knowledge and experiences in the field of cybersecurity through workshops, conferences, hackathons, etc.

Objectives of the Chair

The activities proposed in the Cyberchain Chair are structured around three pillars:

Teaching and training in Blockchain and DLTs for cybersecurity.

Research and knowledge transfer in Blockchain for cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity through Blockchain for the workplace.

CyberChain’s objectives are represented by these six pillars:


GO1: Promote professional competences in Cybersecurity with an emphasis on Blockchain.

GO2: Capacity building in Blockchain technologies for industry and digital governance.


GO3: Generate new knowledge in Blockchain for Cybersecurity.

GO4: Stimulate research networks for Industry 5.0.


GO5: Foster collaborative projects in Blockchain for Cybersecurity.

GO6: Upgrade and specialise technicians in Blockchain and Cybersecurity.

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